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What good is being fit, if it doesn't apply to, or can’t improve your everyday life?

Functional Training is Champ's primary approach into helping his clients arrive at, & to surpass their goals.

MarLon “Champ” Ross is a West Hollywood based Certified Personal Trainer. He is certified by the
National Academy of Sports Medicine. His client list consists of teenagers, senior citizens, athletes, &
individuals who strive to improve on the physiologic, performance & physical aspects off their

Champ believes that no two clients are the same. Studying the biomechanics of each client is one of
the key elements that he uses to implement an efficient plan of attack for helping clients to “right the
wrongs” & to “improve the strongs”.

With over 20 years of experience in health & fitness, Champ has gained an immense amount of
knowledge in regard to training diversity. Becoming stale, stagnant, or unmotivated is never an issue
during training sessions with Champ.

If it’s good enough for a multimillion dollar athlete, then it’s good for you, too...the NFL, NBA, USTA & various other sports have functional elements of their training regimens that Champ draws from & then applies to his client's plan of attack.

Champ will help you build a lean, proportioned, healthy, balanced, pure, strong, & natural looking

When it comes to Champs training sessions there are no magic bullets or trendy gimmicks...just good
ole’ hard work.
Champ’s expertise + proper nutrition + adequate sleep = a happy client that has far exceeded their

to schedule a training session:
Please email your contact information to champ@fitlikeachamp.com.

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